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09 Mar
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Originally published in the Boulder Weekly 02-09-2012 – Page 8 

Divine Resonance Massage and Skin Care is now the exclusive Colorado retailer of Vapour Organic Beauty, an organic makeup line out of Taos, NM.

Vapour has a unique texture that is lighter than air, it’s not a powder, liquid or cream and out preforms all others creating the look of youthful dewy skin. The pigments move as your skin moves and plays off the natural light, there is a luminosity and hydrating effect. Your skin actually feels better and more hydrated with it on. Modern makeup is about enhancing beauty for a no makeup natural look. Vapour is all about taking healthy beautiful skin and making it look healthier.

Vapour is specifically made to be blended and pressed in with fingers rather then brushes to create this pure look. Vapour is made from 70% pure certified organic plant ingredients and 30% mineral pigments and natural vitamins that are deeply nourishing to the skin. Vapour pigments are also super concentrated, using no fillers so they last much longer. Similar to organic food which is healthier to eat, organic cosmetics are safer to wear. What we put on our skin is absorbed in to our bodies. There are no nano particles, no toxic chemicals, no animal testing, no irradiated ingredients or petroleum in Vapour products.

Call Nora Keahon L.E/ L.M.T to schedule your free makeup consultation.

503-536-5131, visit us at www.divineresonance.com Divine Resonance Massage and Skin Care 1629 Canyon blvd Boulder 80302.

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